Super Sniffers
(K-9 Inspection Services)
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Detection dogs have become highly proficient at finding bombs, drugs, people, weapons and even certain types of cancer. Bed bugs and termites are the" new cutting edge technology."


Get a real termite or bed bug inspection with our detection dog along with her K-9 handlers that is now serving the local community. Lily the canine and the handlers are certified and trained by Bill Whistine, the master trainer from the Florida Canine Academy. He has been on Animal Planet, HGTV, Discovery Channel, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Travel Channel.

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Canines have been helping law enforcement and government agencies for years. Their assistance is also a valuable tool in detection work. A typical human inspector is only able too truly inspect about 30% of a home.

Not Anymore!!

Dogs can now inspect 100% of a home with an accuracy rate of 98%.




We specialize in nothing but inspections, meaning we DO NOT offer pest control treatment services!

Lily smells out termites and bed bugs because The Nose Knows!!